Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hispanic Heritage

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Justin Merriman said...

I'm pretty critical of video lately, and really don't like seeing video's of people talking. I feel like I'm seeing to many of them. I appreciate your subject and the difficulties trying to illustrate it, but the video lost my interest pretty quickly.

pjstephen said...

For the story, this is a very well done video. I'm just not completely convinced the subject merited all the manhours invested in the project. The dancers stands out head and shoulders above this because of the story being told, even though your skills are obviously increasing with this viddie stuff.

Andrew Russell said...

This one's tough. The interviews didn't yield anything really compelling, most spouted cliches and the B-reel was kind of dull as well. Justin and I watched this together and the credits footage was the most interesting thing in the whole video. It just feels like maybe a slideshow might have been a better way to go. Like I said this one must have been a challenge.