Friday, September 21, 2007

FNL part V

I got slammed again today by an assignment that wasn't football that cut into my time shooting the game. It screwed up my usual routine, and I didn't have enough time to search out an alternative football image. Here's my take for the night, but I'm not exactly happy with it.


pjstephen said...

Hmm... Routine is a very bad word for newspaper photographers. I suggest jettisoning it from your vocabulary. Rejoice in your victories, however small they may be. That’s the most creative cheerleading shot I’ve seen in a long time.

Justin Merriman said...

The first pic is interesting. I like it. It really makes me look. The second...I really don't like cropping photos to long horizontal or verticals. I feel that it is not natural. The third image of the cheerleaders does nothing for me, but I like the fourth image. It has a very Americana feel especially with the team name - Patriots. Not feeling the last photo either.

Andrew Russell said...

The collection of portraits does nothing for me. The device only works if the majority of faces are worth looking at. Out of 21 only 4 or 5 are interesting. I like the coach but it could a slight horiz. crop. Justin's wrong, a skinny can be very compelling. Thats why Leica invented the WIDELUX. The sad guy on the bench needs a crop. His feet and legs are the focus. Don't sacrifice content in favor of style.