Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eyes on Fire: Retooled

For the past week, I've been on assignment for the Post-Gazette in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania, covering anything and everything related to the coming primary election. I've retooled this blog, eyes on fire, with larger photos and video, to share my experience on the road. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.


Justin Merriman said...

Mike...The blog looks great with the big images. I really like this photo a lot. Its simple but well composed. Keep shooting on the perimeter and search out the photos no one else is showing me. Enjoy your time on the road, and if you get bored just give me a ring. Looking forward to more of your images from the campaign trail.

alison said...

Hey, I love this photo. I like the tilt, Hillary's expression and being lost in a sea of signs. Good stuff. I'm glad you're getting to do this. Enjoy yourself!

Dean Beattie said...

Nice to see you shooting up a storm and getting some decent assignments. Well deserved indeed.